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Pricing - Nov 2023

Note: Therapists do not want to share their contact with customers. We kindly request you DO NOT ask the therapist for personal contact information. DO NOT make personal invitations.

If you would like to book her again, please get in touch with the agent here, as asking a girl to provide service without going through a licenced shop is not legal, and we cannot be held responsible for any issues that might arise from an illegal booking.

Cancellations & Changes

If you wish to cancel your booking after the girl has arrived, there is a 10,000 yen fee.

You also have the option of changing the girl if you like, but this will incur a 5,000 yen fee.

Request Fee

If you have experienced a therapist recently and request to have the same therapist for your next session, there is a 3,000 yen fee. This fee goes directly to the therapist and is for a job well done.

If it is your first time with a therapist, there is no request fee for this.

Double price for requesting two therapists for a threesome.


Payment can be completed in cash when the therapist arrives, and should be given to her upon entry to your room.

We also accept most foreign currencies (but of course prefer Yen), just let us know what currency you would like to pay in and we will provide the amount payable. As we don’t have change for most foreign currencies, any change will be provided in Japanese Yen.

Credit Card payments are available, just ask when you are booking. Credit Card payments will need to be successful before we can send a therapist to you. There will be a transaction fee of 10% when using a credit card.

Some Notes

  • All of our prices are all-inclusive, no hidden fees and charges to be paid upon arrival.
  • The only person you will see will be your therapist (we don’t send other employees to collect money etc)
  • Delivery fee depends on your location, from 3,000 yen.