Booking Process

Step 1: Pre-Booking

Before booking, we would ask that you familiarise yourself with how everything works, as this may all be quite new to you.

This page will help you with everything that you need from A-Z, but some other pages you might find useful as well.

  • Pricing – Get details on the cost of the service
  • FAQ – Chances are your question has been asked already. The booking agents might not know all the answers to what you ask and this will require someone call you back with the answers.
  • Therapists – A listing of the therapists available.

Step 2: Booking

This is an outcall erotic massage escort service for central Tokyo. Outside central Tokyo areas such as Yokohama or Disneyland areas, please ask.

Of course everything starts with a booking. Just contact us and we will take care of the rest. We will need the following information to complete your booking:

  • Your Name (at least your Surname)
  • Hotel Name or address if it is an apartment or a house
  • Room Number
  • How long you want to book for
  • Any other details you think will make your booking more special

You will be informed during booking the exact amount that wil be payable on arrival. If you intend to pay by credit card, we require that the online payment be made before we send the therapist out. This can be done here.

Step 3: Arrival

Once the therapist has arrived, she will attempt to get to your room directly. If this is not possible either due to the time (hotels may lock their front doors after a certain time) or because a keycard is required for the elevator, we will contact you.

If you are required to meet the therapist in the lobby, we will inform you of her name (if we have not told you already) and what she is wearing. If you could let us know what you are wearing at that time it would be very helpful.

Once the therapist is in your room, this is when payment should be made directly to her, unless online payment has been made earlier.

Step 4: Service

The service will begin, and will start with the shower. This is a required part of the service, and unless you have organised during booking beforehand, refusal to take a shower will result in the cancellation of your booking.

The remainder of the service is as per our Service page, and is in large part up to you how it proceeds, what you do, and in what order.

The service will finish approx. 10 minutes before the alloted time has finished. At this time please allow the therapist some personal time to clean up and shower before she leaves.


Note: Therapists do not want to share their contact with customers. We kindly request you DO NOT ask the therapist for personal contact information. DO NOT make personal invitations.

If you would like to book her again, please get in touch with the agent here, as asking a girl to provide service without going through a licenced shop is not legal, and we cannot be held responsible for any issues that might arise from an illegal booking.