How do I Book?

Booking is very simple, but we will need some details from you.

To start, just contact us using the anonymous chat at the bottom of each page, give us a call, or one of the other methods on the Contact page.

We will need the following details in order to complete your booking:

  • Your hotel details (name and address), or the hotel phone number and we can find it;
  • Your Surname;
  • How long you would like to book for; and
  • Any other details you think will make your time more enjoyable.
What does the service include?

Our service includes everything on our How to Play page. This does not mean you have to do everything on there, but it is available for you.

Is this legal?

Yes, we are a licensed “Delivery Health” service, and all services we provide (i.e. out-call erotic massage) are completely legal in Japan.

Where are you located?

We are an outcall service, servicing Tokyo, Japan. We will send a therapist directly to your hotel or apartment.

If you are outside of the central Tokyo area, we may still offer our service there, however a delivery fee may be charged. Your booking agent will inform you if this is required.

If that does not work for you, we can help arrange a short-term rental room (~2,000 yen per hour), or point you in the right direction to find a love hotel (walk-in only).

What time are you open until?

We are open for business between 11am until 5am.

However, the chat service is usually not available after midnight, so calling is your best option after this time if you want to book sooner rather than later.

Do you accept foreign currency?

Yes, we accept most major foreign currencies. Just mention this to your booking agent to get the latest rate for the currency you want to pay in.

We also accept credit cards and PayPal if you would like to pay that way.

When does my time start?

The time for your session starts when the therapist enters your room and receives payment.

It does not start when you meet her in the lobby (if you have to), or when she arrives at the hotel.

Does the girl speak English?

While we have some English speakers from time to time, for the most part our girls do not speak English fluently.

That being said, they have experience providing services to foreigners, and will understand most of what you say in respect to the service. They all know what they are doing.

Is this available in my apartment?

We do provide services to your house/apartment/Airbnb. The only issue may be where it is located, and depending on that location there may be an incedental delivery fee charged to get the girl there.

I can't use my hotel room, can you help?

If you are unable to use your hotel room, you can either use a love hotel or a rental room.

Love Hotel

Love hotels are usually a little nicer than your standard rental room. However most love hotels are walk-in only and do not accept bookings. Because of this, we will require you to have a room in the love hotel already before we can send the girl to you.

Rental Room

We can help you book book a rental room close to where you are staying. Rental rooms tend to be a little smaller, cheaper, and sometimes a little more “clinical”.

What about STIs/STDs?

All of our girls get tested regulary, but in any case they “play safe”, for their safety and yours.

What about "Full Service"?

Sending girls for the purpose of sexual intercourse is illegal in Japan, and as such we will not “guarantee” or organise a girl to come to you for this purpose.

Asking for sex while booking may result in us not being able to take your booking, and the answer will always be “NO”.