Rental rooms vs Love hotels

Differences and similarities between rental rooms and love hotels.

In the case of Love Hotels, rates are usually set for 2 hours or more, but rental rooms are set in 30-minute increments. Since you only pay for the time you use in rental rooms, your charges will be kept low. Also, if you enter a room late at night, it will be treated as a stay at a love hotel, but you can also use it by the hour at a rental room.

Japanese Rental Room with vinyl bed

The average usage fee for a Love hotel is from 4,000-8,000 yen for a two-hour break, and over 10,000 yen for an overnight stay, but rental rooms are 1,000 yen for 30 minutes and about 3,000 yen for a two-hour use.

Love Hotel Room

While most Love hotels do not take reservations,  rental rooms can be reserved online or by phone several hours in advance. Since you can reserve a rental room at your desired time, you will not have to worry about waiting and it will be easier to make plans. The rental room is smaller than a love hotel, but it’s spacious enough for just a sexual massage and escort playtime.

Love Hotel facilities include the basics such as a double to king size bed, table, TV (with pay TV), and bathroom, as well as convenient items such as a refrigerator, microwave, vending machine, karaoke, cable broadcasting, and massage chairs (depending on the hotel and the room). The equipment in rental rooms is generally minimal and simple, such as a (usually vinyl) sofa bed, small table, TV, and simple shower room. (Normally the beds are not considered accommodation facilities). 

Rental room with red pillow

The bathrooms at love hotels have bathtubs that are large enough for two people to fit in, and some also have jet baths, rainbow baths (baths that are lit up in various colors), saunas, and bathroom TVs. There is no bathtub in the rental room, just a small shower room.

Spa Bath in Love Hotel

The equipment at a love hotel is provided such as hand towels, bath towels, bathrobes, shampoo, body soap, toothbrushes, T-shaped razors, serums, bath salts, hair dryers, tissues, condoms, and so on… Rental rooms may have minimal equipment such as toothbrushes, shampoo, body soap and towels.

Shower room in Rental Room

Recently, there seems to be an increasing number of rental rooms that have hotel-like facilities and equipment, it is easy to use a place like a rental room if you don’t request fancy. The greatest contribution rental rooms made was that in some areas are not allowed to open a love hotel, then the rental room is a good choice for such needs.

Whether using a Love Hotel or a rental room you don’t have to provide ID to get a room and the escort can go to your room directly without needing a pick up as an elevator requires a key card in the normal hotel. Visit our therapists to book your favoured escorts!