How to use a Love hotel

Whether you can reserve a Love hotel depends on the hotel. When using lodging facilities such as business hotels or city hotels while travelling, you make reservations online or by phone, but Love Hotels doesn’t manage the accommodation status of the rooms like these lodging facilities do, and they do not control the availability of rooms. Currently, most love hotels don’t take reservations, walk-in only, as the rooms available will be used preferentially.

Payment for the use of a love hotel varies depending on the facility. Some would take payment at reception advance before you enter a room, and when you leave the hotel, you pay for any additional charges such as extension fees, cosplay rental fees, food and drinks fees, etc. In some Love hotels, you get a room first and pay in the room with a vending machine before leaving, so you don’t see face-in-face with any staff who works there.

Most Love hotels in central Tokyo are a building type in a downtown area with bright lights and price table displays outside the gate.  The process is to enter the Love Hotel through the entrance, choose a room at the front desk, get a room key and move to your room (depending on the hotel, some of the hotels do not offer a key, you can go to the room directly, the door will be open).

There is a touch panel information board within the facility, you can see the indoor photos and fees. The room fee depends on the room. Rooms with lights on the information board are available for use, and rooms that are dark are occupied or being cleaned.

The vending machine in the room for payment.

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